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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
An Eighty Percent Solution

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
2412 I’m Grandma’s Favorite houses stuff
Yin Yuerong was startled lightly before a corner of her lips switched up inside an almost soft smile.
Plum blossoms were actually Yin Yuerong’s most desired thing. If a servant randomly handled a single leaf, they’d be severely penalized. Even him—he accidentally broke a branch one time and got a around of scolding, how could she allow this minor brat to haphazardly break up a branch?
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Oh-Zhong’s concept was as darkish as the base of a pan. “…”
Once they hit a place with virtually no bystanders, Ah-Zhong referred to as out right away, “Minor br—Little Younger Expert!”
“PFT!” A have fun shattered outside of Auntie Qiao.
Ah-Zhong coolly interjected, “These plum roses are Madam’s beloved, so how will you bust them off w.i.l.l.y-nilly?”
Tangtang pushed nearer to Yin Yuerong and brightly smiled. “It’s pretty for your fresh flowers to blossom over the branches, but Tangtang considers these plum blossoms are more effective positioned near my grandma than blooming in their divisions!”
Tangtang pushed even closer to Yin Yuerong and brightly smiled. “It’s pretty for that plants to blossom in the branches, but Tangtang feels these plum flowers are greater located near my grandmother than blooming on his or her tree branches!”
Oh-Zhong went to a store to acquire a bunch of candy before secretly intending to search out Tangtang.
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After they attained a place with no bystanders, Ah-Zhong known as out instantly, “Very little br—Little Younger Grasp!”
Even Yin Yuerong chuckled aloud. “You aren’t very humble in any way.”
Ah-Zhong saw the child’s eye glow, and his concept revealed how satisfied he was with him or her self. “Tiny Younger Master, do you need them? I could give everything for your needs as long as you do me a teeny love!”
Oh-Zhong’s concept was as dim as the base of a pan. “…”
“Grandmother, may i visit the plum woodland to break off several tree branches of plum blossoms?” Tangtang inquired, blinking his substantial eyeballs.
Ah-Zhong helped bring across the chocolate and secretly adopted Tangtang.
Ah-Zhong coolly interjected, “These plum blooms are Madam’s most loved, so how will you split them off w.i.l.l.y-nilly?”
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From the moment Tangtang started off dwelling there, Yin Yuerong acquired turned off her regular workaholic function. On her day time off today, she really relaxed at home and didn’t go anywhere or perform in the long run.
In the plum forest:
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Yin Yuerong glanced at Tangtang but didn’t seem to be angered. She placidly questioned, “Isn’t it good for the blossoms to grow around the tree branches?”
Since that time Tangtang started out living there, Yin Yuerong had switched off her standard workaholic manner. In her day off these days, she really well rested both at home and didn’t go anywhere or function extra time.
Even though the payment revision a.s.sembly was forthcoming, Yin Yuerong remained quiet and composed without her standard becoming easily irritated, just like she experienced develop into a different person.
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On ability to hear him, Tangtang made backside. “Oh, it’s you, Ah-Zhong! Will you need a thing?”
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Oh-Zhong compelled him or her self to remember that he still essential the small brat’s assist for a thing these days, so he forcefully suppressed his rage, but menace filled up his cardiovascular.
Once they hit a spot without the bystanders, Ah-Zhong identified as out instantly, “Minor br—Little Younger Master!”
Plum blossoms were Yin Yuerong’s most favored object. When a servant randomly touched one leaf, they’d be severely disciplined. Even him—he accidentally broke a department 1 time and acquired a spherical of scolding, how could she allow this minor brat to haphazardly bust a part?
“Very little Small Learn, these are typically candies and toys I got for you personally! See if you want them!” Oh-Zhong was fawning on his attitude.

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